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There are 10 million people living in Sweden, 95 000 of which are living with prostate cancer. There are 10 000 new cases every year and 2 400 die because of their illness.

The Swedish Prostate Cancer Federation is a national federation constituted by 10 000 member in 26 regional associations. The office consists of five employees and a board with 9 members, personally elected at the yearly assembly. Our mission is to offer fellowship to men with prostate cancer and the people close to them and demand a better medical care. We want to influence decision makers and the general public to act against prostate cancer.

We want prostate cancer survivors to be able to live a full life after they’ve been treated and not live a life of pain or despair. We want to defeat prostate cancer! 

If you want more information about our work, read our Annual Report 2013.
Download our presentation The Swedish Prostate Cancer Federation
Download a basic outlook of the Swedish Federation of Prostate cancer Associations: Good Prostate Cancer Care – a specification of requirements.

fOR MOre information, please contact US

Göran Hellberg, Secretary-General 
+(46)8 655 44 40

+(46)8 655 44 30 

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